My speciality IS Knowing what makes people click.

I'm a creative Digital Marketer with over eight years of experience leading content development for Lifestyle brands and publishers. I empower clients to engage niche audiences, pairing relevant ideas with compelling visuals for a range of campaigns.

Currently, I'm the Account Director at, Los Angeles' platform for the local experience. My knowledge of LA's scenes allows clients to meaningfully reach users around passion points like Food, Lifestyle, Music, and Entertainment. My role is so much more than sales, I handle many needs in a fast-paced creative environment to keep operations moving: campaign development, art direction, client communication, delegation to junior staff, reporting and more.

Before DoLA, I led accounts at a digital marketing agency, partnering with Fortune 500 clients to drive brand awareness through storytelling and native advertising. I built relationships with digital influencers, holistically fusing product endorsements and content strategy through the lens of their unique areas of expertise like Food & Beverage, Recipe Generation, Fashion, DIY, Parenting, and more. 

Outside of the office, you can find me photographing the things I see around town or at my client's awesome events, traveling off the beaten path, and experiencing new flavors at restaurants across Los Angeles.

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